Ductless Air Conditioners Save You Space.

Not all homes have the space for bulky air conditioning ductwork, but that doesn’t mean your family has to invest in fans for every room in the house.

Ductless air conditioners are perfect for homes where ductwork isn’t practical or where only sections of the house are used at a time. Tying existing ductwork to your new home addition is tricky and rarely practical.

Before you go through that hassle, get a quote on ductless.

How do ductless AC units fit in my home?

Ductless air conditioners come in three parts.

  • The indoor unit.
  • The outdoor unit.
  • A small line connecting the two.

The outdoor compressor creates the cool air, the connecting line send the cool air to the indoor air conditioning unit. You relax in the cool comfort of your bedroom.

The line between the two units is small, no larger than your standard television cable. We drill a small hole for the connection between units and insulate it so all your cool air stays in, and the hot summer air stays out.

The interior units are silent and unobtrusive, with simple controls to maintain comfortable temperatures around the house.

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