Emergency Boiler Repairs in Orillia & Surrounding Areas

A central condensing or gas boiler is a smart, eco-friendly way to heat your home in winter using a hydronic or hot water distribution system.

If it stops working, you’ll know because your home will get cold quick. Fortunately, the team at B&B ClimateCare has the skills and experience to get your boiler working again in no time.

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Is There Something Wrong with My Boiler? How Can I Tell?

When your boiler is working properly, you’ll never hear it or notice it.

However, it’s easy to tell whether your boiler is broken and in need of repairs. During operation, does it:

  • Make odd gurgling, whistling, or banging/knocking noises?
  • Leak or generate condensation on the outside of the unit?
  • Lose pressure?
  • Deliver inconsistent temperatures when compared with your thermostat?
  • Struggle to produce water or heat?
  • Extinguish the pilot light?

If you think something’s going on with your boiler, you’re probably right.

At B&B ClimateCare, we’ll come to you and provide the boiler repair service you need so you can stop worrying about it and start enjoying it again.

Why Choose B&B ClimateCare for Emergency Boiler Repairs?

  • No matter where you live, we’ll come to you for your boiler repair: Orillia, Orillia North, Gravenhurst, Port Carling, Severn Bridge, Washago, and Oro.
  • The technicians at B&B ClimateCare are trained to repair every boiler make and model; including yours.
  • As a member of the ClimateCare cooperative, we apply industry-leading standards, modern technical knowledge, and leading customer service practices for your boiler repair.
  • Straightforward pricing that’s easy to understand.
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Did You Know You Can Sign Up for Boiler Maintenance?

WeCare Maintenance from B&B ClimateCare provides the seasonal care your boiler needs to run smoothly and efficiently via a 26 point checklist that includes:

  • Cleaning or replacing dirty filters.
  • Cleaning and inspecting vents and flues.
  • Checking plumbing and water levels.
  • Flushing and de-scaling the water system.
  • Cleaning and lubricating the mechanical system, fans, and pumps.

You’ve invested in a boiler. Protect that investment for years to come with WeCare Maintenance from B&B ClimateCare.

Need Boiler Repair? Want to Know More About WeCare Maintenance for Boilers?

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