Furnace Repairs in Orillia, Orillia North, & Surrounding Areas

When Old Man Winter is doing his worst, a reliable furnace is a necessity in order to keep your family warm, comfortable, and safe.

Should it stop running, your house can get really cold really fast. Fortunately, B&B ClimateCare is just as quick when it comes to 24 hour furnace repair.

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What’s Going On With My Furnace? Why Does It Need Furnace Service?

The next time your furnace turns on, does it:

  • Make unsettling noises like knocking, banging, or screeching?
  • Struggle to heat your home even though the thermostat is set to a toasty temperature?
  • Provide inconsistent temperatures from room-to-room?
  • Cycle on-and-off when it shouldn’t?

If you’ve got the same furnace as when you moved in to your home, it could be starting to show its age. If it’s a newer model, it could be nothing more than bad luck or symptomatic of another problem.

Whatever’s going on, qualified furnace repair in Orillia from B&B ClimateCare will find the problem and get the warm air flowing again.

Why Choose B&B ClimateCare for 24 Hour Emergency Furnace Repairs?

  • We’re local. We live in and serve the following local areas for furnace repair: Orillia, Orillia North, Gravenhurst, Port Carling, Severn Bridge, Washago, and Oro.
  • We provide furnace service for a variety of models and manufacturers: Carrier, Trane, Coleman, Lennox, Keep Rite, and others.
  • As a member of the ClimateCare cooperative, we apply industry-leading standards, modern technical knowledge, and leading customer service practices for your furnace service.
  • Straightforward pricing that’s easy to understand.
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Choose Maintenance and Avoid a Costly Furnace Repair

Orillia homeowners like you deserve to keep more money where it belongs: In your pocket. The best way to do that is with a proactive furnace maintenance from B&B ClimateCare:

  • WeCare Maintenance is ideal for newer (less than 5 years old) furnaces. Regular furnace cleaning and inspection keeps its reliability high and your monthly heating bills low.
  • WeCare Protection Plus is ideal for older (5+ years) furnaces. Includes most parts, labour, and gives your family priority appointment booking.

Whatever option you choose, you can relax knowing your air conditioner and your household budget are protected against unexpected and expensive repair costs.

Need Furnace Repair? Want to Know More About Your Maintnenace Plan Choices?

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