We’re getting closer to furnace maintenance season, and customers often ask us what our industry-leading 26 point furnace maintenance checklist includes.

It’s no secret; our furnace maintenance program is the most comprehensive in the business. The value is unbeatable and we’re happy to share it with customers so you see the value too.

When you book a furnace maintenance visit with one of our technicians, here’s what you get.

Furnace Maintenance in Ontario

furnace maintenance

Your home furnace maintenance includes:

  1. Check and adjust thermostat levels.
  2. Check for all safety controls and wire connections.
  3. Cleaning and inspection of all burners and the burner compartment.
  4. Perform a visual inspection of the heat exchanger.
  5. Check and clean the thermocouple or flame sensor.
  6. Check, clean the igniter, spark electrode and pilot.
  7. Check and replace filters.
  8. Remove and clean the blower, test run the capacitor for performance benchmarks.
  9. Adjust dampers for heating / cooling mode.
  10. Check and flush the condensate drains or traps.
  11. Inspect the venting system for leaks, debris, or anything else out of the ordinary.
  12. Check for the required service access.
  13. Check for adequate combustion air requirements.
  14. Lubricate all moving parts.
  15. Cycle the furnace and monitor the ignition and flame for issues.
  16. Check and record manifold pressure/clock input.
  17. Check temperature rise and adjust blower speed as required.
  18. Perform CO test and record the readings.
  19. Test the fuel line for leaks at the appliance.
  20. Check presence of gas pipe pressure test tag.
  21. Check for manufacturer’s installation and operation manuals.
  22. Wipe down and clean the area surrounding the furnace.
  23. Compare utility costs and equipment life expectancy with the homeowner.
  24. Offer replacement batteries for the smoke detector.
  25. Check for a CO alarm.
  26. Review and document results and recommendations with the client.

When your furnace maintenance visit is complete, you know every part of your furnace was inspected, cleaned, verified and ready to keep your family warm and comfortable through the fall, winter and spring.

Call your local ClimateCare retailer to book your fall furnace maintenance visit early so you aren’t stuck waiting during the October rush.

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