Why Humidify Your Home This Winter?

The Ontario winters are usually much drier than the hot and muggy summers. With your heating system on for the duration of the winter, the inside of your home will get very dry. Ideal humidity levels are around 40%, though anywhere from 35 to 50% is acceptable. Unfortunately, with your furnace running much of the time, the humidity in your house can drop much lower.

How can you tell your home is getting a little dry?

  • Your constantly dry, cracking skin
  • Your scratchy throat
  • You get a shock whenever you stand up from the couch or grab a door handle
  • Your wallpaper starts to peel at the edges

A Happier House and a Healthier You

HumidifierProper humidity levels are good for your house. Excessively dry air can cause wood floors to separate, wallpaper to peel and houseplants to suffer. Static electricity can even damage your computer and other home electronics.

Dry air can also aggravate respiratory problems. While there are no guarantees, you may find that you have fewer coughs and colds with a home humidifier. At the least, you won’t suffer from dried out nasal passages and a constantly scratchy throat.

Humidifiers Make Your Furnace More Efficient

Save moneyHome comfort levels are based not just on temperature, but a combination of humidity and temperature. At optimum humidity, it takes less heat for us to feel warm and comfortable. With a flow-through humidifier installed by your local ClimateCare technician, you may find utility bills goes down while you and your family are more comfortable than ever.

Advantages of ClimateCare

Working with your ClimateCare member is like a breath of fresh air. As a locally owned business, their business is built on referrals and long term relationships with satisfied clients. If you are wondering why humidify your home, they’ll give you an honest, professional evaluation. Call your local ClimateCare member and let us take care of your heating and cooling needs. We’re not only your personal climate experts, but we’re also your neighbour.LC470-Winter-Offer-Skinny[1]

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