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Demand for HVAC services is expected to rise again in 2021, by six percent. This brings opportunities to HVAC technicians. Understanding the trends in the industry over the next year and doing what you can to get ahead of them and take advantage of these opportunities, is the key to success. Here is a guide to the HVAC industry trends we expect to see for the next year. 

Automation and Smart Technology 

In the commercial and residential world, customers are valuing automation, smart technology, and environmentally friendly options more and more. Non-polluting refrigerants, smart thermostats, and apps that control HVAC equipment are all popular. Homeowners and business owners want to have control over their HVAC systems at all times. And, it can be beneficial for technicians when thermostats prompt homeowners to schedule maintenance, address problems, and even make decisions that are more environmentally friendly. 

Preventative Maintenance 

This is another trend that is both beneficial for homeowners and industry professionals. Instead of doing reactive maintenance on units and parts that have broken, the trend is to give units preventative maintenance before they have clear issues. These benefits homeowners, who get more life out of their equipment, better performance, and ideally can avoid many emergency calls and breakdowns. It’s also beneficial for technicians, who get more consistent revenue and cash flow from maintenance contracts. 

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Air Quality 

Heating and cooling may be the bread and butter of the HVAC industry, but if you can expand your offerings into air quality you can do even better. Air quality is becoming more important to consumers, and there are many options you can give them to change their air quality, including direct ventilation, whole-home ventilation, and air purifiers. Humidifiers may also be important for altering air quality. Advertising your air quality options, and educating your customers about them, can get you more business. 

Labor Concerns 

Are you having a hard time finding good help? Hiring employees is a challenge for many in the HVAC industry. Younger generations, including Millennials and Gen X, are less likely to be interested in HVAC as a career than Baby Boomers. Investing in getting more help now can pay off later. Get involved in local high schools, make connections in trade programs to support young talent. You might also focus on offering your prospects competitive pay and other benefits in order to ensure that they stay with you for the long term. Typically it is more expensive to keep recruiting than to keep your staff. 

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