Comparing the Installation Costs When Buying a New Fireplace

A new fireplaceIf you’ve decided to invest in a fireplace for your home, there are many factors that you’ll want to take into consideration when choosing between the different types. There are many pros and cons to every type of fireplace, including wood burning fireplaces, electric fireplaces, gas fireplaces and even gel fireplaces. You’ll want to consider things such as comfort, energy use, safety and even the aesthetic appeal. However, don’t forget to compare the costs of installation as well. The following is a brief, broad rundown of how much each type of fireplace may cost for installation.

Wood-burning fireplace installation costs

A wood-burning fireplace is the real deal. You get to listen to the sounds of the flames and enjoy the scent of burning wood as well. However, it’s also real expensive.

If you’re installing a new wood-burning fireplace into an existing home, you can expect to dish out for extensive renovations. You’ll need a professional mason to build a chimney to help provide ventilation, after all. This means you’ll need to have work done on a wall or two as well as on your roof. Don’t be surprised if your total bill comes out above $10,000 – and depending on how elaborate your fireplace mantel and surround end up being, it could cost you even more.

Gas fireplace installation costs

A gas fireplace is much more affordable to install than a wood-burning fireplace. Basic materials required for installing a gas fireplace should only run you about $2,000 to $2,500.

You will need to hire a professional to install a gas line or a connection to your propane tank as well depending on where you are installing your gas fireplace – this can end up costing another $1,000.

If this is too costly, then you also have the option of installing a vent-free fireplace, which will only run you around $600 total. Even though there is no vent, modern vent-free gas fireplaces are strictly regulated, so you can be comfortable in the knowledge that they are safe for use.

Gel fireplace and electric fireplace options

A Gas FireplaceThe wood-burning and gas fireplaces tend to vary in cost depending on factors like style and size. However, it’s the installation costs where things can get quite expensive. You could opt for a gel fireplace or an electric fireplace, both of which are mobile, which means there are no installation costs. However, they don’t have the same impact on comfort, aesthetics and atmosphere as either wood-burning fireplaces or gas fireplaces.

Gas fireplaces may cost more than electric and gel fireplaces due to installation costs, but they offer more benefits over all. They are also a much more affordable option than wood burning fireplaces, which often require major renovation work in order to install.

Even once you look past the initial installation costs, you’ll find gas fireplaces are more affordable to run than wood-burning fireplaces, which require you to buy wood and which also require much more maintenance, including yearly chimney inspections. To find out more about the benefits of gas fireplaces, be sure to contact your local ClimateCare member today.

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