If you are trying to decide whether you should replace your AC compressor or invest in a new unit, there are more things to consider than just price. Here we look at the most important considerations to help you decide when to replace an AC compressor and when to invest in a whole new AC unit.   

The Cost of an AC Compressor Replacement 

Cost is something that can’t be ignored when making this decision. Getting an accurate quote from your AC technician is important because you might be surprised by the price. You could be looking at up to $1500 to $1800 for a new air conditioner compressor which is nothing to sneeze at.  

Along with the price, ask if the new compressor is under warranty. This impacts the price because if something goes wrong, you know you don’t have to make a further investment. In most cases, you’ll be offered a one-year warranty when replacing a broken compressor on an air conditioner. 

The Cost of a New AC Unit 

Next, be smart and ask the technician for an estimate for a new AC unit. Going all in, you might find you are looking at about $2800 to $3500 depending on the size and type of AC system you choose/need for your home. This then comes with an average 10-year warranty. So, looking at the big picture the price comparison might not be as wide as you think. 

The Age of Your Compressor 

If your compressor or AC unit is pushing 10 years or older, it is very close to its complete lifespan. Once the compressor reaches this age, it makes more sense to go for the new unit. This is because you’ll be facing more and more breakdowns and in turn higher and higher repair costs. It just doesn’t make sense to invest that much money in a system that is on its last legs, when you can replace it with a higher efficiency unit that will save money on utilities in the long run. 

Is the AC Compressor Still Under Warranty? 

If the unit is under 10 years, and still under warranty, it might make more sense to go the replacement route. This is because it will be free to replace. Just make sure you ask about labour costs, as this is usually additional. If the AC unit is newer, the labour costs might be included. 

How Well Does Your AC Unit Cool? 

Consider how well your overall unit performs. Do you find it operates well and quietly? Is the temperature in your home comfortable and consistent? Have you had to invest in repairs for other components of the unit? If you are happy with the performance, and this is the only repair you’ve had to worry about, you could lean more towards replacing the compressor as opposed to the entire unit. 

Is Your AC Energy-Efficient? 

Even if you find your AC unit keeps your home cool, don’t overlook its energy efficiency. This has a major impact on your decision because when comparing the cost of replacement between the compressor and the entire unit, the lifetime of savings in energy can help offset the higher price tag of a new AC unit. A brand-new unit will have a far better energy efficiency rating which means you’ll have more to gain from a new unit than a new compressor. 

Whether you are considering a new compressor, a new AC replacement, or both, the team at B&B ClimateCare can help you make the right decision. Speak to us today. 

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