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So many workplace discomforts, from dry eyes to static cling, can be fixed by adding a humidifier to your office. In our climate, humidity drops over the winter. Few office buildings have remedies for this problem and end up becoming uncomfortable for clients, guests and staff. If you’re not quite sold on getting an office humidifier, let us show you how they can affect office building indoor air quality and how you can benefit from them. Even if you just have a home office, you’ll find that you benefit too. 

1. Prevent Staff Health Issues 

Few people realize that low humidity levels are the cause of their dry eyes, headaches, skin issues and dry nose and throat. While you might not think to turn on a humidifier for dry eyes, it very frequently works. Adding a humidifier to your office can reduce staff health concerns and keep them on the job site. It’ll also stop them from spending so much on moisturizers, eye drops and other treatments they use to compensate for the low humidity. 

2. Improve Building Comfort 

Forget minimizing sick days. Adding a humidifier to your office building will help keep everyone more comfortable, happier, and therefore more productive. It’s not just about staff either. When you have guests, clients, and customers in your building you want them to be comfortable and have a great impression of your business. Humidity is an important facet of anyone’s comfort, even if they are in the building for a short period of time. 

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3. Protect Equipment and Other Items 

Does your office have any valuable items, particularly those that might be affected by low humidity? Keeping humidity at healthy levels is important to protect some sensitive equipment or building features like wooden flooring and the fabric on furniture. You can get a longer lifespan from these items if you keep the building overall at proper humidity levels. If you’re a tenant, who is having trouble convincing the building owner to invest in humidifiers for your space, this might be an important point to bring up to help convince them. 

4. Lower the Cost of Heating the Building 

This office humidifier benefit might come as a surprise! Having proper humidity levels can help reduce the stress on your building’s heating system and make it more efficient to heat. That’s because air that has more moisture in it can better retain heat. As moisture leaves, heat does too. You may find that after you install an office humidifier, you may see heating costs drop too. 

5. Care for Yourself 

If you work from home and find that your office is dry, it’s important to improve humidity to care for yourself. Many people who transition to working from home forget just how much time they will be spending in these conditions. It is important to take your working conditions seriously. Be kind to yourself and get an office humidifier. 

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