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HEPA filters are the premium filters used in a variety of HVAC systems. They help keep a long list of impurities out of your home including allergens such as pollen and pet dander, bacteria, dust mites and more. However, many homeowners are unaware of what type of HEPA filters are used in their HVAC system. In fact, many systems have washable HEPA filters requiring special care. Here we review how to clean reusable HEPA filters to help you keep your system humming and your air quality pure. 

How to Know If Your HEPA Filter is Reusable 

Speak to your HVAC expert to find out what type of HEPA filter your HVAC system uses. This is an important step, as if you have either a disposable or a permanent HEPA filter, they cannot be washed. You want to make sure you have reusable HEPA filters before you begin. If you don’t make the call, you can tell if it is disposable by the frame. Reusable filters will have a metal frame. As well, if it doesn’t slide out easily, or is more difficult to find, it probably is a permanent filter. 

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How to Clean Reusable HEPA Filters 

Your reusable furnace HEPA filter should be checked at least once a month for signs of buildup. This is especially important when you are using your system more often to heat or cool your home. For example, after a week of running your AC through a particularly hot and humid spell, you should take a look. Follow these steps: 

  • Be Safe: Always turn off the furnace/AC before you begin. 
  • Remove the Cover: Look for the service panel for your HVAC system. You might require a screwdriver to remove the panel, but some just slide off. 
  • Remove the Filter: The HEPA filter should easily slide out from its position. If the filter seems clean, you can just slide it back into place and replace the panel. However, if it has a dusty buildup, it will need a cleaning. 
  • Clean the Filter: There are a few ways you can clean your filter: 
  • Laundry or Kitchen Sink: If your filter will fit in your laundry or kitchen sink, you can just gently rinse it with tap water to release and remove the dusty buildup. 
  • Shower: If your sink is too small, you can place your filter in a shower stall or tub, and let the water run over the filter to remove the dust and dirt. 
  • Backyard Hose: If it is the summer, you can also take the filter outside and rinse it down with your garden hose. 
  • Dry the Filter: This is an important step as you don’t want to place a dripping wet filter back into your HVAC system! First shake it gently to get the excess water off, then allow it to drip dry so you don’t damage the surface by putting too much pressure on the grills. Do not apply heat with a blow dryer, or by placing it in your laundry dryer! 
  • Replace the Filter: Once the filter is dry, slide it back into place and replace the cover. 

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